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Английские тесты: для детей до 12 лет
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Вашему вниманию предлагается лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку для детей до 12 лет. Тест включает в себя 50 предложений, каждое из которых содержит пропуск. Вам необходимо выбрать правильный, на ваш взгляд, вариант из 4-х предложенных, таким образом заполнив пропуски в предложениях. Если вы не знаете, какой вариант выбрать, вы можете пропустить предложение, но такие предложения приравниваются к ошибочным.

Примечание: лексико-грамматическое тестирование для подростков от 12 лет и взрослых находится здесь.

1. This ______ a boy.
is are am it
2. I _____ five years old.
is are am have
3. Look at those _______ !
woman's woman womans women
4. Is her name Molly? - ________________
Yes, it is. Yes, she is. Yes, it isn't. No, she isn't.
5. He never __________ bananas.
eat eats eating is eating
6. This is Tom and this is ______ Mum.
her his its hers
7. Tom and Mike ___________________ football in the yard now.
is playing are playing playing play
8. Mr. Brown is _____ English teacher.
an a the one
9. Kitty _______ speak English.
is don't can has
10. The girl ______ got a cat.
have does can has
11. Could you give me that book? It's ______________.
me mine myself my
12. Is there _______ milk in the fridge?
any some a few many
13. Mike and Julia ___________ like going to school.
doesn't don't aren't haven't
14. He ______________ some new clothes tomorrow.
buys bought is going to buy doesn't buy
15. Look! The kittens ____________________ in the yard.
play played were are playing
16. _____ there anybody in the room now?
Are Is Do Does
17. Where ________ yesterday?
you were you was were you was you
18. _________________ money have you got?
How many How long How much What
19. There were no shops where we __________ buy food.
can could may must
20. John is the __________ student in the class.
bad baddest worse worst
21. I __________ to Britain.
have never been been have never have never never been
22. What will you do if he ____________ come?
won't doesn't isn't going to isn't coming
23. ________ I help you carry those bags?
Shall Will Do Would
24. They've been to France, _____________?
aren't they have they are they haven't they
25. Yesterday afternoon it __________ when I got home.
had been raining was raining had rained rained
26. I told her _____________ the window.
what she closed she close to close that she close
27. Would you mind _________ the window?
open opening to open opened
28. When I was a child, I _________ make faces at my little brother.
was used to got used to used to used
29. _______________ this film before?
Do you see Had you seen Did you see Have you seen
30. You ____________ cross the street without looking first.
mustn't must needn't don't have to
31. I feel tired. I ________________ since morning.
ran was running have run have been running
32. The house was dirty. They ___________ it for years.
haven't cleaned didn't clean hadn't cleaned weren't cleaning
33. Don't phone me between 7 and 8. We _____________ dinner then.
will have will be having will have had will be have
34. She suggested ________________ to the theatre.
to go will go would go going
35. I wish I _____________ more patient.
were am will be have been
36. I am looking forward to ___________.
hear be heard hearing have been heard
37. Your father won't understand you _______________ talk to him.
unless you if you won't unless you don't since you
38. Bob said he _______________ come to the party but he isn't sure yet.
should might needn't will have to
39. Is _____ Malta in _____ Mediterranean?
the; the a; the --; the the; --
40. I was walking through the forest ____ a winter night, when I heard wolves howling.
on in at --
41. The witness saw the lorry ___________ into the back of the car.
to crashing to crash to have crashed crash
42. The manager would prefer to renew his contract ___________ look for another job.
rather than from to rather to
43. Everyone knows what to do, __________ ?
don't you doesn't he don't we don't they
44. If George hadn't been caught driving through a red light, he ___________ in the trouble he is now.
would be wouldn't be would have been wouldn't have been
45. I'd rather you _____________ a little more.
study will study studied studying
46. The gang held _____ a security van and got away with millions.
up down on back
47. _____________ trying hard, I couldn't lift the box.
Despite the fact In spite of Although Whereas
48. He's rather dirty. He ______________ a bath before he came here.
had has had would have should have had
49. I had my house _______________ last week.
paint painted to be painted to have been painted
50. _____________ he is nearly eighty, he is still very active.
Despite Even However Although
Английские тесты - для детей до 12 лет - Мистер English

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