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Английские тесты: для подростков от 12 лет и взрослых
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Вашему вниманию предлагается лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку для подростков от 12 лет и взрослых. Тест включает в себя 50 предложений, каждое из которых содержит пропуск. Вам необходимо выбрать правильный, на ваш взгляд, вариант из 4-х предложенных, таким образом заполнив пропуски в предложениях. Если вы не знаете, какой вариант выбрать, вы можете пропустить предложение, но такие предложения приравниваются к ошибочным.

Примечание: лексико-грамматическое тестирование для детей до 12 лет находится здесь.

1. People started riding bicycles to work in ________ free time.
his her their them
2. Mike and Julia _________ like going to school.
doesn't don't aren't haven't
3. __________ money have you got?
how many why where how much
4. Builders made a road __________ a forest between two big towns.
on through among over
5. There _________ no one at home at the moment
is are was were
6. He ______________ some new clothes tomorrow.
buys bought is going to buy doesn't buy
7. Look! The bird ___________ in the sky.
soars soared was is soaring
8. Where ________ yesterday?
you were you was were you was you
9. There were no shops where we __________ buy food.
can could may must
10. John is the __________ student in the class.
bad baddest worse worst
11. I __________ to Britain.
have never been been have never have never never been
12. What will you do if he ____________ come?
won't doesn't isn't going to isn't coming
13. Cartoon films have very ____________ limits.
few any little much
14. I told her _____________ the window.
what she closed she close to close that she close
15. ________ I help you carry those bags?
shall will do would
16. They've been to France, _____________?
aren't they have they are they haven't they
17. Mark has to arrive at work early tomorrow, so he _________ go to bed late.
needn't hasn't has to shouldn't
18. Yesterday afternoon it __________ when I got home.
had been raining was raining had rained rained
19. I __________ eat a lot of sweets, but now I prefer sugar free products.
was used to got used to used to used
20. Would you mind _________ me a cigarette?
give giving to give to have given
21. _____________, we won't have much to talk about.
unless he comes if not he comes since he comes while he comes
22. He's rather dirty. He ______________ a bath before he came here.
had has had would have should have had
23. I feel tired. I ________________ since morning.
ran was running have run have been running
24. The house was dirty. They ___________ it for years.
haven't cleaned didn't clean hadn't cleaned weren't cleaning
25. Don't phone me between 7 and 8. We _____________ dinner then.
will have will be having will have had will be have
26. She suggested ________________ to the theatre.
to go will go would go going
27. _____________ trying hard, I couldn't lift the box.
despite the fact in spite of although whereas
28. Clare ______________ by her parents for her disobedience.
has told off is telling off is been told off is being told off
29. I wish I _____________ more patient.
were am will be have been
30. I am looking forward to ___________ from you.
hear be heard hearing have been heard
31. I had my hair _____________ yesterday.
dye dyed to be dyed to have been dyed
32. This snobbish man is accustomed to ___________ service of the highest standard.
receive be received receiving be receiving
33. The witness saw the lorry ___________ into the back of the car.
have crashed to crash to have crashed crash
34. The manager would prefer to renew his contract ___________ look for another job.
rather than better than rather to
35. Everyone knows what to do, __________ ?
don't you doesn't he don't we don't they
36. If George hadn't been caught driving through a red light, he ___________ in the trouble he is now.
would be wouldn't be would have been wouldn't have been
37. He's got ________________ diabetes.
-- a the some
38. Rarely ___________ him these days.
we see we saw did we see do we see
39. I'd rather you _____________ a little more.
study will study studied studying
40. "It's time we went," he said. - He said it was time they _________.
go went had gone were going
41. Make sure you ____________ this carton before you use that milk.
finish will finish have finished had finished
42. His maths might ____________ by the time the exam comes round.
improve be improving be improved have improved
43. ________________ by bees, she has no love of insects.
having stung having been stung being stung to be stung
44. If you __________ kind enough to lend me a pen, we could finish this very quickly.
would be will be could be were
45. "Jack and Martha are here." "__________________"
so do they so they are so are they so they do
46. He goes out in ____________.
all weather all the weather all weathers all the weathers
47. When I was in the Navy I used to spend a lot of time __________ sea.
at at the in in the
48. That factory turns _________ 150 cars a day.
up out down on
49. When milk turns sour, it gives _____________ a horrible smell.
in up off over
50. He was brought ____________ guilty by the jury.
out up to down in
Английские тесты - для подростков от 12 лет и взрослых - Мистер English

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