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Our methods
There are a lot of various methods of teaching the language professionally. All of them have both certain advantages and disadvantages. Generally, Russian methods give good knowledge of theoretical issues (students are excellent in grammar, they can read, translate and build a good vocabulary), but less attention is paid to important language aspects such as listening and speaking. On the other hand, Western experts put an emphasis on these very aspects, while students do not acquire a command of theoretical language issues.

While working on the course and books for "Mr. English" Club, our specialists tried to accumulate the best ideas from various Russian and foreign textbooks. They successfully created a unique synthesis of the best traditions of communicative and translating methods with some elements of intensive English language programme. Such method is called 'combined' or 'integrated'.

"Mr. English" Club is well equipped with PHILIPS unique educational facilities - a laser interactive operating system PHILIPS CD-i which combines audio, video and computer devices. This educational complex lets us test students both during and after the lesson as well as define the level of mastering the material. It is utterly useful for working in groups and role-playing. It provides a 65% rise in knowledge acquiring!

CD-i embodies the best technical achievements and is a unique device for educational purposes. This is an indispensable educational means, widely used by our teachers.

So, "Mr. English" teaching methods are based on the following guiding principles:
  • Intensive programme, used in the Club, provides fast, easy and natural language learning.
  • Using interactive Philips CD-i equipment both increases the level of language mastering and makes studying in the Club far more varied and interesting.
  • All our programmes are worked out taking into account developmental psychology. We also stick to this principle in presenting the material (building vocabulary, explaining grammar etc.)
  • Complex studying is another important principle, we pay due attention to all language studying stages: speaking, listening, reading, writing. And it craves for consistent work on grammar, phonetics and spelling.
  • Using nontraditional forms and methods of teaching.
  • Working in groups.
  • Information is logically structured from simple to complicated issues.
  • The material is revised on a higher level.
  • Lessons are given in English only.
  • Each teacher takes part in creating and adapting the course.
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