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Foreign language excursions in Moscow
Tourclub "Mr. English" is a pioneer and exclusive implementer of a unique development in the sphere of educational tourism - foreign language excursions around Moscow. Our excursions give children a great opportunity to put into practice their knowledge of the language they have acquired in class. This is why excursions is the essential part of the educational process in "Mr. English" Club.

Foreign language excursion activates the language skills children have acquired; it is both an active and educational holiday together with the memorable weekend amusement. Our students successfully apply the information they get during our excursions at their lessons at school, which surprises their classmates a lot.

Your child can feel free to invite his or her friends to any excursion and spend an unforgettable day in a circle of friends.

If your child is eager for new discoveries and enjoys studying a foreign language, you have an excellent opportunity to integrate these interests. Tourclub "Mr. English" offers both "Mr. English" Club students and all language-lovers a unique service - foreign language excursions.

The features characteristic of our tour-guides are brilliant knowledge of English, exclusively broad informational outfit and wonderful communicating skills that ensure a personal approach to each child of no matter what age.

It is only at our excursions that every child is provided with a handout, a know-how of "Mr. English" Club educational studies department. The handouts help children get an insight into excursion beforehand, better digest the information, check and solidify their knowledge.

Your child is always welcome to take part in our excursions, even if he or she is not a "Mr. English" Club student.

Welcome to Tourclub "Mr. English" excursions!

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