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"Experience Russia" project
What is the "Experience Russia" programme?
'EDVenture in Russia' projectIt’s a programme of active learning and recreation for children of 8 - 16 years old. The main part of the programme is connected with the English language. The purpose of language classes is to activate the knowledge of the language in the process of acquiring new social experience. Russian assistance is performed by highly skilled teachers, who help students during the lessons and organize a variety of creative, sports and educational activities.

The programme is carried out in association with American specialists from "The Association for Experiential Education" with the assistance of professional group leaders - the teachers of "Mr. English" Club.

What is "The American Association for Experiential Education"?
It is an independent non-commercial organization, founded by a group of teachers from North Carolina. The Association works in the educational sphere, participates and creates programmes in the field of active recreation and physical development of children.

What advantages does our programme give to children?
  • Combining of recreation and conversational English practice;
  • Breaking the language barrier through communication with native speakers;
  • Immersion in the language without leaving the country;
  • Correct use of the “living language” in any social situation;
  • Development of the “spoken language perception” and pronunciation;
  • Personal development;
  • Opportunity of learning more about the life of their contemporaries in the USA;
  • Opportunity of making right decisions in any social situation.
The purpose of classes:
  • to teach children to interact effectively in different social groups: family, class, group of contemporaries;
  • to develop adequate self-esteem;
  • to break the language barrier;
  • in most cases the training is held outdoors in groups of 10-15 people. Children are offered to solve conflict situations - from easiest to difficult - through play.
'EDVenture in Russia' projectA discussion follows the game: students analyze mistakes, work out solutions to each problem and discuss the way to use the acquired skills in everyday life. Also the students choose a word, which stands for the idea of the day. The word "hope", for example.

In the process of training children acquire the following skills:
  • confidence building;
  • effective team-work;
  • ability to solve the problem individually or in team;
  • development of creativity;
  • ability to run the rational risk;
  • effective communication;
  • ability to be a "leader" or a "follower";
  • development of self-confidence.
All the process of training is in English!

Several conditions and requirements:
  • duration of classes: 3-4 hours (depending on students' age);
  • groups are formed in accordance with the age of children and the level of their language level;
  • English language requirements: from the elementary level;
  • for children, who are not the students of "Mr. English" Club, a special test is held;
  • students are accommodated depending on their age and sex.
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