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Superproject "Experience..."
Tourclub "Mr. English" is a professional organizer of holiday programmes for children. These programmes are held within the unique project "Experience...".

Every programme is based on 5 principles:
  • education (thematic programmes, language trainings);
  • recreation;
  • health improving;
  • safety;
  • professional supervision for children.
During our autumn, winter and summer holiday programmes children are given an opportunity to relax from the tension of their year study and restore their health and strength. At the same time educational component is a part of every activity, so a child is given an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in history, art, literature, geography etc. in the course of sporting and intellectual tournaments. Excursions are an essential part of our educational programmes. The children are supervised by the teachers of "Mr. English" Club who have both professional knowledge of English and special methods of working in children's travelling programmes.

Our offer is unique because we reasonably combine the language part of the programme and the possibility of active rest outdoors, at the seaside and so on (which depends on the place you go).

A special camp "Experience Russia" in Moscow region is organized to activate children’s language skills. Our partners in this programme are professional American supervisors.

You can continue your educational adventure with "Mr. English" abroad: in Malta "Experience Malta" and in England "Experience Swanage". Your children will get into a real language camp. Its advantage is a skilful combination of language classes and outdoors activities.

So, "Experience..." with "Mr. English" is language training with professional American supervisors (summer programme in Russia) fascinating "rope courses" (the South Coast of England) lessons in Maltese schools and exciting language activities (the Mediterranean, Malta).

Join us!

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