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English for corporate clients
For ten years already "Mr. English" Club has been a leading company in the sphere of professional English language training. Due to the scope of our knowledge, traditions and rich experience, we are now able to provide equally efficient services of the highest quality for both private and corporate clients. At present we maintain a successful and productive cooperation with a lot of Russian and foreign companies. The number of our clients is constantly growing. We are proud to be entrusted to teach employees of such well-known companies as RosBusinessConsulting, Finmarket,, Motorola, Transstroytunnel, Energotrust, Gasconsulting, and many others. They have made a reasonable choice.

Studying in "Mr. English" Club means a guaranteed quality and professional competence.

Our Club offers a varied programme of courses for companies' top management and staff. Courses differ in content and length and include: General English course, Extended English course, general and basic courses in Business English, English for business communication, telephoning in English, English for negotiations, English for presentations and other programmes. Our specialists will help you choose a course which is appropriate to your purposes and language level. Depending on your wish we can update our programmes or work out a new one in the field of the company's activity.

"Mr. English" teaching staff are all highly skilled professionals with degree in teaching languages. They have gone through a multistage competitive recruitment procedure and training. All the specialists working with corporate clients have significant teaching experience and are constantly improving their professional level. Our teachers are creative and dedicated to their job. They can also plan their work depending on every student’s personal qualities.

We can also invite a native speaking teacher on corporate clients’ request. This option is recommended for those students whose language level equals or exceeds Intermediate in such programmes as General English, Business English, and especially English for Specific Purposes.

Moreover, for individuals or groups of corporate clients we can organize academic tours for additional language training within the programmes of General English in language schools of Great Britain, Ireland, and Malta. It is possible to set the training in firms and institutions of a correspondent type of activity for students who take English for Specific Purposes course.

Our complex teaching method, used in the language training process, helps students overcome the language barrier and master all the aspects of the language. Efficient combination of traditional and innovative forms and methods of work, adaptation to the specific groups make our classes both effective and engrossing. Active drilling during classes makes tiresome cram at home unnecessary. We know the value of our clients’ time, that is why take-home assignments are minimal.

Along with traditional technical training means (audio and video) we use unique educational equipment in the class. It is interactive Philips CD-I, which is installed on clients’ territory during classes.

"Mr. English" Club offers educational conditions which allow to make every lesson most effective and the studying process easy to adapt to. We are always ready to consider our clients’ wishes concerning teaching and organization, which can be recorded in the contract.

The specialists of the corporate training department within "Mr. English" Club clearly organize the process of services presentation, testing, group formation, and making contracts.

When working with customer's employees, we exercise proper attendance and achievement control.

In compliance with our clients’ wishes, in the end of the course all students who pass the final test can be given "Mr. English" certificates proving the acquired language level.

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