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English for children
The teaching is based on the multilevel educational program Mr. English Multimedia Course, which is created on the basis of Harvard course and includes all aspects of studying foreign languages.

We form groups of no more than 8 students and take into account age and entry language level. Children can start their studies at the age of 6-7 at whichever of our 12 centers situated throughout Moscow.

The textbooks for class-work are worked out by "Mr. English" methodical centre. We used Longman, Oxford and Cambridge University Press educational literature, and some additional materials on the basis of unadapted English poetry, songs, tales and fairy-tales. In classes we also use an educational interactive complex Phillips CD-i, which provides a 65% rise in knowledge acquiring.

The course provides profound knowledge, develops listening and speaking skills, extends vocabulary and improves the pronunciation, and it also broadens children’s outlook, facilitates brainwork and help to overcome the language barrier! It is necessary not only for studying English but also very useful if you plan to study other foreign languages in future! The programme meets the international education standards. It includes not only basic topics that will help you study at school and prepare for university, but also some facts from history, literature, culture and art. Everything is presented in a lively and interesting way!

But our classes are not the only advantage "Mr. English" has! It is also an English club. We have funny games, competitions, performances, and quizzes in the Club. Children celebrate Christmas, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. And, of course, everything is in English. Children go to see English-speaking performances, they go on excursions with Tourclub "Mr. English" - it is really impossible to mention everything! And during school holidays children can go to the English camp situated in Moscow region, where their rest is combined with effective classes. If a child wants to study abroad, "Mr. English" Club will inform you about different educational programmes and will help to find the best variant.

The English language leaves the pages of the textbook, slops out of classes, develops from the abstract science into the indispensable and eternally cheerful part of a child’s life!

With such an approach to teaching English, the result comes quickly: 1) 100% of our students who take international exams pass them, 2) our students master a language university programme long before they finish school.

Come to whichever our centre, speak to our managers and teachers, pass free test and you will understand that it is no use looking for anything better - "Mr. English" is your key to the future!

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