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Adult courses
Our students have every opportunity to choose a course which is appropriate to their purposes and optimal in terms of course duration. Our teachers use the best ideas from various Russian and foreign textbooks. Small groups (maximum of 8 students) are formed depending on each student’s age, language level and purposes. You can start a course which is appropriate to your level of English. And you can stop your studies any time you want. You can study English for business, English for communication, and English for your own pleasure.

Everything in the Club works for you to achieve of your aims and be successful in future:
  • "Mr. English" teachers, who managed to go through a competitive recruitment procedure and further training (including trainings abroad);
  • comfortable classrooms where everything invites to studies;
  • Philips educational facilities - interactive system CD-i, which combines audio, video and computer devices and provides a 65% rise in knowledge acquiring;
  • unique "Mr. English" textbooks;
  • new educational and interpreting services "Mr. English Info"
You can choose general or intensive English courses. If you need the language for business or career purposes – Business English general course or Business Communication skills course are at your disposal.

For those who are interested in short-term programmes, there is a great number of them as well: an intensive express English course for beginners, a short-term English course for people with basic knowledge of the language, English for travelers and even telephoning in English.

"Mr. English" Club offers a wide selection of specialized international certificate training programmes - British (FCE, CAE, IELTS) or American (TOEFL). In class you will use training materials, specially designed to give you all the preparation to pass these exams. Just take into consideration that you must have at least Upper-Intermediate Level of English to start the preparation for taking the exams. For those whose English skills are not high enough it is highly recommended to first take one of the General English course programmes.

One thing is for sure - you will never get bored! "Mr. English" is a Club, and it means that you are in for a fascinating club life, which is full of celebrations and trips that will turn studying English into great pleasure and fun. And our charming and highly professional teachers will always be here for help.

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