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Our clients' responses
- In my opinion, children perfectly learn new things while playing in a friendly atmosphere. They are very active and at the same time concentrated. Thank you very much for care and concern of our children.
E.N. Danilova

- It was a great pleasure for me to visit a class in Group 5. The program is utterly informative and interesting. Children enjoy it. Thank you ever so much.
V.I. Kulin

- The Club's advertisements don't lie. "Mr. English" is really cool! I've yet to see a place as good equipped as this one. Training centers are really comfortable and are up-to-date. But the most important thing is teachers. Their energy and professionalism and their love for their students. It is encouraging to see the school of such a level. Almost everybody with whom I shared impressions, agree with me.
S. Kolesnikova

- Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I relax here with great pleasure after my busy day - at the English lessons. I'm grateful to the Club that it exists. Thank you with all eighth-form girl's heart!!!
Demidova Svetlana

- I enjoyed the classes at Group 15. The teacher explained the subject of the lesson in an easy and clear way. Games and competitions give children an opportunity to learn new words. Excellent!

- My son attends the classes with pleasure! Special thanks to the teacher Yulia Alexandrovna for her kindness and care for every child!
N.V. Demtseva

- I attended classes at Group 13 with the greatest pleasure. I appreciate the way the teacher works. She is a competent and nice person, who tries to communicate to the children not only the wealth of the language but also her interest in it. Their eyes sparkle with desire to study, to be able to talk, write and read. The teacher applies different methods of teaching. She patiently waits for an answer, knows how to correct and at the same time not to hurt the feelings of a child. My own children always look forward to go to their classes and after that, at home, they like to discuss all new things they've learnt. Thank you!!!

- It is such a pleasure to get engrossed into the atmosphere of absolute comfort! Every lesson is unique. I never hoped to see anything like that lesson at the Club! Well done! Thank you!

- The results are obvious! I am very pleased with the progress my child makes.
Latysheva Vika’s mother

- The classes are very interesting, dynamic and informative. All children are deeply interested and take an active part in all stages of lessons. They have a good contact with a teacher and visible progress in the language studying is easy to be seen.

- I've been with the Club for a year only, and I am already the best in English in my school, and the thing is that I didn't cram it!!!!!!

- The school is great, if you don't know it yet. I recommend it heartily.

- The classes with Asya Alexandrovna were of enormous pleasure for me. She's a real professional with a perfect attitude to children! I am very pleased that my children are in "Mr. English"! And now I'm thinking of taking a course myself.
R. Karchaev

- The Club is very good. Thanks to it I'm in England right now! Good luck!

- I've been studying in "Mr. English" (Molodezhnaya) for 2 years already. Great!!! I like everything: the group (just perfect!!!), the teacher, encouraging atmosphere, classes. I'm looking forward to every lesson!!!! Hi, Lesha (Group M-24), Masha (M-7)!!!

- Irina Anatolievna has a very interesting programme. For 2 months my child has made great progress. It is proved by his marks at school. I thank her for that... Sorry, I'm very excited. I have no words. Thank you very much one more time!
Truly yours, Sinelnikova

- Striking, fascinating, interesting and effective studies. One just can't remain indifferent! Thank you!
O.R. Vodin

- Right from the doorstep one can feel the high class of this school. Well done, organizers! To set up such a team! There's no need to go abroad.
V. Maximovskaya

- The methods are extremely effective! It is easy to study. And the practical advantage is great!
M. Novitskiy

- It is splendid that I've found this Club. A lot of thanks to the whole creative team!
Yours faithfully, Dasha Staferova’s grandmother

- Dear "Mr. English"! I enjoy your classes! The lessons are very interesting, joyful and even funny sometimes. I wish you to be forever.

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