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About Tourclub "Mr. English"
Tourclub "Mr. English" is a part of "Mr. English" Group of Companies, which has already been the largest educational corporation in English Language Teaching in Russia and abroad for 10 years. Language immersion, long-term speaking and listening practice, breaking the language barrier through communication with native speakers, learning about culture, art and history of English-speaking countries are crucial points in mastering English. This is exactly what educational travel agency Tourclub "Mr. English" is intended for. It combines consulting services and travel agency opportunities.

Our specialists are perfectly aware of the peculiarities of different colleges and schools as well as of education systems all over the world. They also have relevant experience in organizing educational tours. We organize educational tours to the best schools and universities. We provide a complete range of education services to choose - from elite schools and colleges to rather democratic ones. Moreover, we offer almost all accommodation options: a family, student hostels or your teacherís family. We work both with groups and individuals.

What deserves special attention is a unique project "Experience...", organized together with American specialists from "Association for Experiential Education". This is an active learning and recreation programme designed for 8-16-year-old children. We hold it in Moscow region, Malta, Great Britain and other countries. The programme combines English classes with adventures and trainings.

We have also worked out a unique educational service - excursions around Moscow in all European languages, including "English Club", "Museum of the East" and "Zoological Museum". Our excursions give students a great opportunity to put knowledge they have acquired in class into practice, develop listening and communication skills, enrich their vocabulary and improve pronunciation. Our tour guides have a perfect level of English as well as skills to attract and hold childrenís attention! It is only at our excursions that students are provided with handouts - a know-how of "Mr. English" Club educational studies department. Handouts help children acquire the information better, check and master their knowledge.

So, at the moment we are working in the following directions:
  1. Education abroad - we offer tours to European countries, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand. You can travel in a group or individually. There are tours for children and adults. It is possible to learn any language in any country!
  2. Foreign language excursions around Moscow and Moscow region for Russian school and university students;
  3. Tours to Great Britain.
We provide the following services:
  • Advice on education abroad: language courses, boarding schools, courses for professional development, entering a university, MBA, post-graduate and doctorate courses;
  • International passports (51-series form by the MFA), visa services, courier services in embassies;
  • Assistance in applying for a visa almost in any country with or without an invitation letter;
  • Issuing international identity cards - ISIC, IYTC, ITIC;
  • Airline tickets;
  • Travel insurance services - we can issue travel insurance in our main office within 5 minutes time!
We aim to maintain a successful and productive cooperation with you in various ways. We are happy to offer you any of our service package programmes or design a new programme to meet your clientís individual demands. We provide all the necessary information and advertising materials, as well as assistance and advice.

We sincerely hope that you will be our reliable long-term partner in the field of educational and childrenís tourism.

Tourclub "Mr. English" is a member of FYITO, ALTO and MITT, a regular participant of international and Russian exhibitions, such as ARELS and ICEF.

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